Bristol & Weston NHS Purchasing Consortium: Orthopaedic Implant Review

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  • Client: Bristol & Weston NHS Purchasing Consortium
  • Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Sector: Public Sector

Bristol & Weston Purchasing Consortium provides purchasing services to the Bristol NHS community, influencing a non-pay spend approaching 300m. Services include clinical and non-clinical contracting, supply chain management, and the provision of e-procurement systems.

How We Helped

Across 6 acute sites in the region expenditure on orthopaedic implants exceeds 10 million per annum. Much of this expenditure has been subjected to tendering processes but the regional management maintained a concern that the tenders had not achieved full leverage potential.

A Phillips Consulting specialist was engaged to conduct a detailed review of the implant expenditure, including detailed data and market analysis and supplier negotiation.

Delivered Results

As a result of the analysis and negotiations completed by Phillips Consulting, cost reductions of up to 41% were identified on elective implants, generating an opportunity to save up to 1.3m per annum across the region.
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