Objections or concerns

You will not be able to make savings

Our performance guarantee means that we have to refund our fees if we donít make savings, so we simply wouldnít take on a client if we didnít feel we could get results. In the final analysis, you donít have to worry about whether we can make savings - our expertise enables us to carry all the risk.

What do you know about our industry sector?

We have worked successfully across a very wide range of industries from toys to aerospace, from mental health placements to cinema screens, so it is very unlikely that one or more of our consultants will not have at least some level of  experience in your industry. Even so, our systems and processes are based on common commercial themes and are proven to be equally effective in all environments.

We are unable to change from our existing suppliers

Although there are many different reasons for it, being unable to move from current suppliers is a surprisingly common situation. This is not a problem for us. Being experts in our field, we are used to facing the most challenging environments Ė and we will still maintain our Performance Guarantee!

How do we know that you will not upset all our suppliers?

Our style is co-operative and business-like and, although of course we will not give suppliers an easy ride, equally, they will not feel that they have been exploited. This is a typical supplier comment, given at the end of an assignment:

"Thank you for approaching this project in such a professional way. It has certainly been a catalyst for change in our business and I believe at the end of the process we will certainly be stronger and leaner."

- Andrew Streeter, Managing Director, Flexible Machining Systems Ltd

Why pay consultants Ė we should do this!

Effectively, there is no cost to this service, as we guarantee to make savings. Also, our specialist skills and the level of detailed analysis that we complete, mean that we uncover savings that otherwise would not be identified.

We work in a very co-operative and open way with your incumbent staff who, even if a little wary at the beginning, will come to value our service as a welcome boost in helping them achieve success.

Weíre going to see what savings we can get ourselves first

We recently saved a client over £800,000. Thatís equivalent to over £15,000 every week, over £66,000 every month! Delaying is very likely to be the most expensive option you could consider.

We donít have time for this!

Although we prefer to work with your purchasing staff and we welcome involvement, the amount of time they put in is totally governed by your preferences. We get on with the work ourselves and we work in a completely self-contained manner.

Will you reduce quality, or increase our stock levels?

Your current quality and logistical arrangements are our starting point. We will only ever make recommendations that maintain or improve your current arrangements. If you donít like our recommendations, you are completely free to reject them. And, of course, if this means you donít make savings, we donít take our percentage.

Do we pay you your share before we actually start making savings?

Absolutely not! Our incentive payments come out of your positive cash flow. Only after savings have been implemented do you start to share some of your savings with us.

In Summary:

  • This is a Ďwin-winí service
  • If we canít make significant savings, you pay nothing but you have the re-assurance of a thorough Ďhealth-checkí of your purchasing arrangements.
  • If we do make significant savings, you get cash benefits direct to your bottom line


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