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 • Memco save almost 800k per annum
 • APV Invensys achieve excellent results with Phillips Consulting
 • B&W Loudspeakers cut costs by over 23%
 • Significant improvements for Bioquell.
 • Crowcon Detection Instruments save 650,000 per annum!
 • DSB Special Batteries save 7,000 in a single meeting!
 • Caradon Controls Save 200,000 on Injection Moulding
 • Hanovia's Brian Sewell achieves savings without disruption.
 • Harkness Hall save 160k despite raw material cost pressure
 • Dave Gillett, Managing Director of ICG Searle, sees the potential of procurement cost reduction
 • Darren Bentham, operations director of Palintest Limited, is very pleased with a six-figure saving!
 • Pall Portsmouth gain new purchasing insights
 • Pims Group rapidly achieve savings of almost 300,000 per annum!
 • Solartron Metrology Save Over 0.25m with Phillips Consulting
 • Varian Medical Systems achieve a 25% price reduction
 • Why use Phillips Consulting?
 • Why procurement cost reduction?
 • Why we get results
 • Our performance guarantee
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 • Public Sector
 • Eastbourne Downs PCT: Specialist Negotiation
 • Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust: Specialist Tender Support & Training
 • Bristol & Weston NHS Purchasing Consortium: Orthopaedic Implant Review
 • Surrey & Sussex Supply Management Confederation: Orthopaedic Implant Tender
 • Medical
 • Varian Medical Systems UK Ltd: Product-centred Review
 • Bedfont Scientific Ltd: Component Cost and Sourcing Review
 • Water
 • Pims Pumps Ltd: Process Review and Re-engineering
 • Palmer Environmental Ltd: Supply Chain Re-assessment
 • Heating & Ventilation
 • ICG (UK) Ltd: Supply Chain Processes
 • Industrial Safety
 • Memco: Procurement Strategy Development
 • Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd: Supply Chain Assessment
 • Gent by Honeywell: Ongoing Specialist Support
 • General Industrial
 • Trifast plc: Rapid Supply Chain Review
 • Training courses
 • Other services
What we do
What our clients say
Why use Phillips Consulting?
Why procurement cost reduction?
Why we get results
Our performance guarantee
Objections or concerns
Case studies
Training courses
Other services
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